C9020-660 V9.02

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Exam : C9020-660
Title :
Version : V9.02
IBM Traditional Workloads
Sales V1
The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.
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1.Which method should an IBM Business Partner with a Value Package subscription use to obtain
pre-sales technical support from IBM?
A. Contact the IBM Technical Advisor assigned to the Business Partner
B. Open a PMR request
C. Submit a request via Digital Techline Center on IBM Partner World
D. Contact IBM client representative
Answer: C
The IBM Value Package is an optional fee-based 12 month subscription providing a comprehensive set of
benefits that can be purchased for one set price. As you move up the PartnerWorld levels from Member to
Advanced and Premier, your benefits will increase at no additional cost. You may purchase this benefit
regardless of membership level.
The Value Package includes:
Pre-sales/pre-deployment remote technical support during pre-deployment implementation and
development projects, including technical assistance for product usage, migration, installation, and
integration problems and questions.
Technical Sales Support: Pre-sales selling support: Techline, Technical sales assistance, Technical and
Delivery Assessment (TDA), Incident management
2.A customer wants to grow its IBM disk environment and utilize as much of the installed devices as
possible while simplifying management
Which offering meets the customer's needs?
A. IBM Cloud Object Storage
B. IBM Storwize V5010
C. IBM Storwize V5020
D. IBM SAN Volume Controller
Answer: D
3.A customer has an analytics application and does not have capacity to add new client data. The
customer does not want to add more physical storage.
Which IBM Storwize V7000 feature should the sales specialist highlight?
A. Thin provisioning
B. Distributed PAID
C. External virtualization
D. Compression
Answer: D
4.A customer wants to add flash storage capacity to an existing block infrastructure. The customer
currently has a Dell Technologies disk system that is still under a support contract for another year, and
does not want to expand nor discard the existing disk system until the support contract is finished. The
customer also expressed concern about the previous costs of migration when Dell Technologies disk
systems have to be retired.
Which IBM solution addresses the customer's requirements?
A. IBM Spectrum Accelerate
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B. IBM Storwize V7000F
C. IBM Spectrum Scale
D. IBM FlashSystem 900
5.A customer is implementing a data analytics application and is considering flash storage from IBM and
HPE 3PAR all-flash.
Which resource can be used to show the financial benefit of IBM equipment over its competition?
A. Butterfly study
C. TCOnow!
D. SIO study
Storage Infrastructure Optimization (sio) is a tool to analyze the current storage on utilization
Butterfly Storage Environment Assessment, Enabling organisations to fully realise their data
protection reengineering strategies, and find new ways to drive greater value from storage software
and hardware solutions (technical)
IBM, in conjunction with Blue Data Partners, introduces Visual Storage Intelligence (VSI)- a service that
provides a visual health analysis of your complex SAN environment in minutes.
TCOnow is a comparing tool on a financial base (total cost of ownership) it will help you decide whether
and how to consolidate your existing direct attached storage as well as any existing EMC, HDS, IBM, or
other Fibre Channel arrays. TCOnow! for Enterprise Storage asks all the necessary questions to generate
a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) comparison for consolidating one to ten heterogeneous storage silos
into an enterprise SAN. You can compare acquisition and operational costs alone or including SAN
switches and directors, storage virtualization, even data recovery software.
6.Which tool should a sales person use to find the CAPEX and OPEX cost of an IBM FlashSystem v9000
compared to other flash vendors?
A. TCOnow!
B. Batch Magic
C. Disk Magic
D. Arxscan
Arxscan delivers fast and meaningful reporting and analysis for any size and type of storage environment,
providing capacity, utilization, performance and dozens of other important metrics for all types of physical
and virtual storage platforms and supports all major vendors in one, light weight, affordable solution.
Batch Magic is a powerful application for tape and batch window tuning and capacity planning. It enables
you to understand all aspects of your z/OS tape workloads so that you can make wise tape hardware
investments, optimize the use of your tape libraries, and monitor the load on your virtual tape systems.
BM has licensed Disk Magic since 1994. It is licensed for IBM and IBM business partners to use in the
support of sizing and selling IBM Disk Subsystems. The version that IntelliMagic licenses to IBM is limited
to performance modeling for IBM storage systems
The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.
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7.A customer has a business critical application running on Oracle that has performance issues. The
customer is cost-sensitive and intends to leverage an existing storage system as pant of the solution.
Which IBM storage solution should the sales specialist propose?
A. IBM DS8884
B. IBM FlashSystem 900
C. IBM Storwize V5030F
D. IBM A9000
Answer: B
8.Where will a sales person locate proposal templates, client presentations, and other sales resources?
B. IBM FindlT
C, IBM Knowledge Center
D. IBM TCOnow!
9.A client has a heterogeneous storage environment. The task is to simplify the management of the
existing storage infrastructure.
Which solution should be recommended to this client?
A. IBM Spectrum Protect
B. IBM SAN Volume Controller
D. IBM Cloud Object Storage
IBM Software Defined Storage explained;
If you want to protect your data use Spectrum virtualize (SVC) for replication between multiple sites.
If you want to virtualize your data use Spectrum Scale (GPFS) with global namespace.
If you need scalability use Spectrum Archive (LTFS) or spectrum Accelerate (XIV as software)
If you want to archive your data use or Spectrum Protect (TSM Archive).
If you want to accelerate your back-up and restore use Spectrum protect.
And if you don’t know use Spectrum Control (TPC + FCM).
SAN Volume Controller (SVC) allows companies to add advanced storage virtualization functions,
complete with a single point of control.
The IBM XIV Storage System is a disk storage server. The system is a collection of modules, each of
which is an independent computer with its own memory, interconnections, disk drives, and other
subcomponents, laid out in a grid and connected together in parallel using either InfiniBand (third
generation systems) or Ethernet (second generation systems) connections. Each module has an x86
CPU and runs a software platform consisting largely of a modified Linux kernel and other open source
(COS) a Highly scalable software-defined on-premises storage system designed to store, protect and
easily access unstructured data.



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